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You can check to see if your Policy Holder's property is registered with CESAR.

The Official Police CPI & Home Office Approved Security & Registration Scheme

Police LogoThe CESAR Scheme is the only official Police (National Police Chiefs' Council - NPCC) and Home Office approved plant and equipment registration scheme. The CESAR scheme was designed by Police Officers working in partnership with the Construction and Agricultural industries to provide Police on the street an easy simple and effective way to identify all manners of machinery and equipment. The criteria is such that the CESAR database operates on secure systems to the same level as both the Police and Home Office systems. The new Home Office Document 'Security Guidance Document' for Agricultural and Construction Plant 64/09 specifically recommends all machinery be fitted with CESAR registration.

24/7 access to the secure database allowing accurate verification and provenance

Call CentreThe primary aim of the CESAR scheme is to provide an easy way of identifying farm machinery simply and easily. The CESAR registration database is accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year to provide support to police officers who are making enquiries at the roadside about equipment stopped in suspicious circumstances with persons they suspect may have stolen it. Equipment can be checked and instantly the ownership of a machine can be determined.

Insurance approved

The CESAR scheme has been tested and approved and the majority of specialist UK machinery Insurers are now starting to request CESAR fitment. Substantial premium discounts and reductions in mandatory excesses can be obtained by having CESAR fitted to your equipment.

Insurers Support

Reduced risk of theft

It has been proven that by having CESAR registration markings fitted to plant machinery massively reduces the risk of having equipment stolen. Thieves do not like risking themselves unnecessarily and would rather steal unmarked equipment than one protected by the recognised and police approved CESAR scheme.

The key benefits of CESAR are:

  1. CESAR is widely supported in construction and agriculture and adopted by many leading manufacturers, trade organisations, and the police
  2. CESAR is the only official and Police CPI approved security and registration scheme for plant and equipment
  3. CESAR provides lifetime protection, for a machine, with no subscriptions or annual fees
  4. CESAR powered by Datatag is a powerful deterrent against theft and an invaluable aid in recovery
  5. CESAR is proven to work, CESAR registered machines are 6 times more likely to be recovered if stolen and 4 times less likely to be stolen in the first place
  6. CESAR does not charge machine owners and insurance companies for recovery, unlike some other schemes
  7. CESAR registration qualifies a machine for insurance premium discounts and/ or lower insurance excesses from all the leading insurance companies
  8. CESAR uses Datatag hi tech security markings to give each machine a unique 'fingerprint' which is impossible to remove
  9. CESAR helps the police by providing a means of positively identifying a machine and by providing information through the police national computer 24/7
  10. CESAR helps reduce costs for machine owners and operators, insurance providers, and finance and leasing companies

Q & A

  1. What exactly is CESAR?
  2. CESAR is an equipment registration and security scheme using Datatag hi tech security markings that acts as a powerful deterrent to theft and an invaluable aid in recovery, in the event of theft.

  3. Does it work?
  4. Yes. Official statistics issued by the Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit, based within Scotland Yard, show that a machine without CESAR is 4 times more likely to be stolen than a CESAR registered machine. Plus the recovery rate for unregistered plant is as low as 5% but the recovery rate for stolen CESAR registered machines has increased to nearly 30% in 2009, 6 times that for 'unregistered' plant.

  5. Who supports CESAR?
  6. CESAR powered by Datatag has wide industry support, in both the construction and agricultural markets, from official bodies including the Home Office and Police CPI, leading manufacturers, the insurance and finance industries, utilities and local authorities. The Construction Equipment Association and the Agricultural Engineers Association both actively promote the adoption of CESAR.

  7. How is my machine protected?
  8. CESAR registered machines are fitted with a sophisticated Datatag multi-layered security system that gives each machine its own unique 'fingerprint', that is impossible for thieves to remove.

    Datatag security is made up of 4 elements, both visible to act as a deterrent and covert to aid identification and recovery. Firstly, a number of tamper proof registration plates are securely fitted to the machine's chassis. Secondly, a number of Datatag RFID transponders, each the size of a grain of rice, are hidden in the machinery each with its own unique programmed code. Thirdly, the machine has patches of chemical forensic liquid Datatag DNA painted on it. The liquid DNA also has microscopic Datatag Datadots® suspended in it which are barely visible to the eye.

    It's literally impossible for thieves to remove all the tell tail identification traces from a CESAR registered machine.

  9. What type of equipment can CESAR be fitted to?
  10. CESAR can be fitted to all types of self propelled and trailer mounted construction and agricultural equipment.

  11. Which manufacturers fit CESAR?
  12. Many leading construction and agricultural manufacturers fit CESAR powered by Datatag as standard on the machines they supply into the UK and Republic of Ireland. Further information can be found on the WHO'S INVOLVED page.

  13. Can CESAR be fitted to existing machines?
  14. Yes. CESAR can be fitted to any type of construction and agricultural machine of any age. An additional benefit of registering equipment with CESAR powered by Datatag is that machines without a DVLA vehicle registration mark are recorded on the DVLA's 'Off Road Register' giving full visibility to the police.

  15. Who can fit CESAR?
  16. Only approved suppliers can fit CESAR. As well as manufacturers and their dealers, several local and national service organisations are approved to fit CESAR powered by Datatag. Please visit the dealer page.

  17. How much does CESAR cost?
  18. Manufacturers include the cost of CESAR in their products. In the 'aftermarket' CESAR typically costs £150 excluding VAT for an 'on site' installation. For multiple installations at one site the typical costs will reduce by 25%. There are no other costs associated with CESAR powered by Datatag, once fitted a machine is protected for life. If a machine is sold the new owner can be registered against existing CESAR registered asset. The cost is only £13.19 excluding VAT. To benefit from the peace of mind and the Insurance discounts available, you must be the current registered keeper.

  19. Do insurance companies give insurance premium discounts?
  20. Yes. CESAR powered by Datatag is approved by all the leading Insurers and discounts of up to 20% are available to the registered keeper.

  21. If my machine is stolen how much would it cost me if it was recovered by CESAR?
  22. The short answer is nothing! Unlike some 'stolen vehicle registers' CESAR does not charge machine owners or insurance companies for recovery. CESAR work closely with the police and notify them when a CESAR registered machine is stolen, including international police organisations like Interpol and Europol.

  23. If my CESAR registered machine is stolen what should I do?
  24. You should immediately notify the local police and obtain a 'crime reference number'. However, you should also contact CESAR. Either use the CESAR 'hot button', which is on the home page, to notify CESAR of the loss. Once you have submitted the details CESAR will immediately flag the machine as being stolen on the Police National Computer (PNC). Alternatively and for ease there is also a secure 24/7 call centre (tel 03450 700 450) and database open to machine owners and the police to provide assistance.

  25. What happens once I've reported a CESAR registered machine as stolen?
  26. The CESAR secure database is linked to the police national computer, the serious organised crime agency, Interpol and Europol. Machine thefts are notified around the world to the police and other agencies in over 180 countries. This is one reason why CESAR recovery rates are 6 times higher than for unregistered equipment.

  27. How do the police determine the true identity of a CESAR registered machine?
  28. If one or more of the triangular registration plates is intact the police can get all the relevant details, just like for a car or van, from the PNC at any time of the day or night.

    If the registration plates and manufacturers' plates have been removed the police can use a special Datatag scanner to 'read' the Datatag RFID tags hidden in the machine. CESAR can give the police all the details they need from the unique number from just one tag. As a back-up the liquid Datatag DNA and Datatag Datadots® can also be used to categorically identify a specific machine.

  29. Can the CESAR 'tags' be used for other purposes.
  30. Yes. Because CESAR gives each machine a unique identity with the Datatag RFID or fingerprint, this can be used for stock control, billing and service scheduling.

The Construction & Agricultural Equipment Security and Registration Scheme